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Do you want to bring your website to the number one position on Google? Do you want to know what will bring your website the highest Rankings? If you are answer yes to both, then I can probably guess how you want to feels? We all know that feeling of doing something to achieve and surpass. To be on number one? Sounds like a very big deal, doesn’t it? So how do you make your website number one?

To be on number one? Sounds like a really big deal, doesn’t it? So how do you make your website number one? To tell you the truth, it’s not an easy job. It takes a lot of sharpness, talent, and motivation. What do you need to know about search engines? Well, the thing is that there are two types of search engines:

1. Organic search engines2. Non-organic search engines

Organic search engines produce relevant results because site owners have no incentive (in monetary terms) to pay the search engine for faster results. Non-organic search engines must be paid to appear in the top ten results.

So what is this mean for us? It means that:

1. You don’t have to spend money in order to be on the first page of Google.2. You do need to invest your time.

assures you that you will get results if you are willing to invest your time. What I mean by this is: When you are trying to get your website to rank high in Google, you are not actually working towards getting your site to the number one position. When you speak about SEO there is two ways of getting results:

1. On page SEO(what you are doing right on your website)2. Off page SEO(what you are doing off your website to influence the search engines)

If you are interested in making sure that your website is optimized for both On and Off page SEO, than I recommend that you get the SEO software:

1. Web CEO

2. SEOMoz

Web CEO will allows you to completely analyze all the on- and off-page optimization factors for your website. This analysis allows you to quickly check-off all the boxes that estimate your website to be at least as relevant as your competitors’ websites, if not more relevant.

SEOMoz will allow you to create and analyze keywords for your website. This keyword tool will find the most searched keywords for your website and let you compete for those keywords. You can quickly check the keywords for your website and see how many monthly searches are performed for that keyword.

What Seomoz doesn’t do is, display how many backlinks your site has. I won’t go into detail about how to get backlinks. There are plenty of tutorials on that ( conveniently located on our website). But to give you an idea of how difficult it is to get backlinks to your website, I will tell you this. You need to have less than ten links coming from the same website. So if you want to rank for “diy home gardening tips” and you only have ten websites with links to your site, Google will think that your site is not relevant enough to be listed on Google for that keyword. You will also find that many websites with a lot of links to your site will be very difficult to rank for a particular keyword.

So what is the formula to rank number 1 in Google for a specific keyword? The simple answer is:Backlinks.

The best way to explain backlinks is to give you an example of a website on the front page of Google. Each page title on this website is different from the next title. The home page title is “Diy Home gardening tips”, and each article on the site has titles like “Land estate gardening tips”, “Building a garden”, “Taking your allotment”, and so forth. Backlinks are the highlighted words or links on the page. In article 1, the hyperlinked words is a link to the source of the article like typing “link source” into Google’s search bar. This will return all the sites that have backlinks to your site. It’s looking for the source code of that particular webpage and the keywords that are found on that website’s source code. It will then see the keywords that are on that site and list the websites that are linking to it. The search tool will then display the number of times that keyword was looked up on that site. This is the number of times your website was looked up. Now, you won’t find every single site that links to yours with the keyword in their backlink. But let’s say there were 20,000,000 websites with backlinks to your site with the keyword in their hyperlinked text. That’s an incredibly large number of backlinks.