10 Do’s and Don’ts of Being an Entrepreneur

Planning To Be An Entrepreneur? – 10 Do’s and Don’ts .According to the Small Business Administration only one in five of all small businesses will survive the first two years and twenty-five percent survive at least four years. Almost half of all small businesses never reach their 5th year.

One of the many perceptions out there about being an entrepreneur is it’s an easy journey.ONLY an easy journey,if you want it to be. Let’s face it, taking your life, looking after your kids, house and family38-imes a year and trying to figure out what makes you tick and make a living at the same time is not for the faint of heart.

Despite all these clichés let’s not forget the great success stories out there that get their passion for business and bring it with them, while many others give up after the first year? Some yet have the courage to tap into the rewards of entrepreneurship and find out what can make a difference for them. Let’s not forget this one aspect we should remember after all that work are we doing?

A decency out of curiosity I decided to do what all the other women in my family had done. I stopped in at our local craft store and bought some loads instead of discarding. I can already tell you that when my mom and I went out shopping we were talking about turning our business into a home based business.

Here are ten of the do’s and don’ts of being an entrepreneur:

1. Do be willing to let go of your old life.This is nothing to do with you and it’s in no way personal. Just get comfortable with yourself and trust that you can, with a minimum of effort, get a series of entrepreneurs out of your life.

2. Do have a plan.Are you planning what you like or are you making random moves? Either direction is fine but be specific as possible in choosing a plan.

3. Do be the CEO of your business.You have to own these concepts, actions and outcomes. There will be obstacles and you have to deal with them, either by learning from them or learn how to get around them.

4. Do find people who will work with you.It would break your heart, I know, but in order to be able to grow to your fullest potential being as close with your peers as possible couldn’t hurt.

5. Do be willing to engage with new things.Even if you’re a bit reluctant to try new things at first it will be nice to know that you’ll be able to learn from them.

6. Do be willing to see your mindset and self confidence.Being an entrepreneur will only work if you are confident because no one can teach you everything you need. It is your word and it’s your success. Don’t ever try to blows your own horn or feel like someone else does. Your journey to becoming an entrepreneur is your journey and by no means is anyone going to be there for you. Be sure there are things you love to do.

7. Do be willing to be uncomfortable.You need to learn to deal with setbacks and change but you have to understand what to focus on. Don’t focus on what you can do poorly. Focus on what you have learned and what you are willing to do over and over to overcome challenges and obstacles.

8. Do be willing to learn new skills and thoughts.Habits are key. Things are not meant to be perfectly. You have to be willing to change your thoughts and habits. Every time you sit down and try that new online course you’ll learn something new.

9. Do be willing to invest in yourself.Entrepreneurs often have very great abilities they think they should be able to do without. But don’t forget that you are going to need money to grow your business. Sometimes you have to put your self success before your business.

10. Do be committed and work your plan.As an entrepreneur you have to be able to work hard and be dedicated to become successful. It will be right up there with being sure to take care of you and the rest of your family.

I have no doubt that there are many other ways you can become an entrepreneur. Here I have taken you from one of the many do’s and don’ts of being an entrepreneur to one of the many do’s and don’ts of developing yourself as a business.

If you are starting a small business but you are not sure where to start and what that will make for the business your going to do this step. You will have to figure out what makes it important to your family and obligations to your outward families. Maybe you will have to be willing to make a commitment to this part of life.